Make a Donation

Your charitable donation supports countless children through the various charities we've partnered with. 


Tips for Donations

By donating to charity you can help make a difference in the world in many ways. There are many worthwhile causes in the world today and donors are able to choose the charities that they identify with or personally feel will make a profound impact. By donating you can help meet the financial, medical, development and social needs of those that are less fortunate or experiencing hardships.

The mere act of making a donation is generous and caring, considering the below tips can help ensure that your charitable contributions are planned in a way that ensures they are most beneficial to all those involved.


10 Charitable Donation Tips for Companies and Individuals

  1. Save time by dealing with professionals who plan and manage your charitable donations
  2. Create a Legacy by having your company name attached to gifts so that others will be aware of your gifts
  3. Gift securities instead of cash. This avoids the payment of capital gains on the investment.
  4. Don’t spread your charitable donations too thin across many charities. Charities incur a small cost of reaching potential donors. By donating larger amounts to fewer charities rather than spreading them amongst many; you are more likely donating more than the cost the charity incurred to reach you. This way you are able to ensure that you are making more of a difference.
  5. Avoid Charity Fraud. Warning signs include High pressure pitches, a thank you for a pledge you don’t remember making, requests for cash, charities that guarantee sweepstakes winnings in exchange for a donation, charities that offer to send a courier to pick up your money and charities that appear overnight. There are unfortunately individuals out there who attempt to take advantage of generosity.  Ensure that you are making a donation to a charity officially registered with The Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA). A list is available on the CRA website.
  6. Structure and time your gifts to offset capital gains from your investments
  7. Name a charity as the benefactor of your RRSP or RRIF – this will eliminate the tax on the investment
  8. Name a charity as the benefactor on a life insurance policy.  This is useful if you have an old policy that is no longer needed. Under this option you receive a tax receipt for the full value of the policy including future premiums paid.
  9. Donate Capital Property (This will eliminate the capital gains taxes on the investment)
  10. Combine donations with a spouse on your tax return. Donations can be claimed by either spouse. You receive a tax credit of 20% for total donations up to $200 and a 44% credit for total donations exceeding $200. By combining your donations on one return you ensure that a larger portion of your donations receive the higher tax credit.