Big Hearted
Mavericks Foundation

The Big Hearted Mavericks Foundation is the progression of the Big Hearted Cowboys—the brainchild of Ron Scott.

Ron’s idea behind for the Big Hearted Cowboys event was the product of a casual evening with friends talking about bringing together business contacts and Professional Rodeo peers for a night of Stampede fun.  Ron concluded that the event would be a unique opportunity for two distinctly different communities to collaborate for the common cause of giving back to the community at large. Over 10 years later the whole team at Ron Scott Financial pitches in to organize a wonderful, fun event that gives back tremendously.


Through Big Hearted Cowboys, Ron has almost single handedly raised in excess of $1,700,000 for Calgary based charities since it’s inception 16 years ago.

Between Friends 2.JPG

Some of the past recipients of Ron’s generous spirit have been the Variety Club of Southern Alberta where he helped to build a park capable of meeting the needs of all children, and the Between Friends Organization where the proceeds from the event helped to support programming for children with disabilities. In 2003, Big Hearted Cowboys began their affiliation with Hull Child and Family Services. Ron’s efforts have resulted in helping Hull Child and Family Services in many ways including the purchase 6 new vans that provide transportation to the 1300 children and families it serves on a daily basis.

With respect to the Big Hearted Mavericks Foundation, the Big Hearted Cowboys representative retains the right to direct funding raised from their annual fund raising events to the agency of his choice.


For more information on our impact, please download our financial report.